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Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) is shown at Bath Photography Festival 2018.



Leyden Gallery Winter Salon poster

It is lovely to show work at Leyden Gallery again. This time Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) is included in the Winter Salon exhibition.




Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) is shown at Pingyao International Photography Festival 2016 in China.




Online magazine The Artbo features Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place).




Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) went to Arles on 6th July as part of the 2016 Circulations Festival 2016 Slideshow at Rencontres d’Arles Night of the Year in Arles.



IMG_0008crop_webThe main Finnish broadsheet Helsingin Sanomat publishes an article on the Finnish photographers participating in the Circulation(s) festival on 29th March 2016.



circulations logo

The sixth edition of the Circulation(s) festival, dedicated to the European photographic diversity and discovering new talents, is showing this year a large selection of images from the series Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place).


The images are shown:

circulations 0626th March – 7th August 2016 at CENTQUATRE in Paris


circulations 0126th March – 26th June 2016 at Gare de l’Est train station in Paris


circulations 07Mar – June 2016 on billboards at 12 metro stations in Paris


in May 2016 as part of the Circulations Festival 2016 Slideshow at Belfast Photo Festival in Belfast


15th October – 26th November 2016 in Pierrefitte, France



Circulations LE TEMPS sIn association to the Circulation(s) festivalVieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) features in the Swiss newspaper Le Temps on 19th March 2016.



vieraalla maalla s2013 1803Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) featured by online photography magazine LensCulture as they selected some of the photographers shown in Circulation(s) festival this year to showcase ahead of the festival launch.




Photoworks selected ‘the grey indicates the presence’ for a Showcase feature as part of their LCC MA Photography prize.



Festival Circulation(s)--Preview--vendredi 25 mars




Viola riviniana from the series Herbaria Extracta selected for the Photofusion SALON/15.



map15_invite 1

My latest work ‘the grey indicates the presence’, which looks at scientific imaging, is exhibited at the LCC MA Photography Final Show The Present Hurts.


In ‘the grey indicates the presence’, scientific images, appropriated mainly from publications popularising science with spectacular imagery, are treated and displayed as samples. Through following a process carefully devised to selectively parallel the mentality of systematic scientific study methods, the work not only critically examines, unmasks, and deconstructs some of the remarkably hegemonic structures and visual conventions of scientific imaging practices, but simultaneously profoundly questions the scientific typological approach to structuring reality, premised on assumptions of an underlying structure organising the world.


the online catalogue here.




An image from Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) featured in Der Greif Guest-Room curated by Erik Kessels.



Flash Forward 2015

The Magenta Foundation has published the Flash Forward 2015 catalogue showcasing the winners of year eleven of its Emerging Photographers Competition Flash Forward. As one of the winners, Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) is featured in the publication.

The Flash Forward 2015 publication is available on the Magenta Foundation website.






Woks on Paper

A selection of photographs from the series Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) i included in Leyden Gallery’s Works on Paper exhibition.



Nan Goldin, Paula Rego, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Christine Taylor Patten, Lindsay Moran, Hilary Ellis, James Melloy, Atsuko Nakamura,  Lydia Brockless, Daniel Hosego, Emilia Moisio, Dolores de Sade,  Alexander Hamilton & Christopher Kettle


Leyden Gallery is delighted to announce their exhibition of contemporary prints, drawings & photographs, Works on Paper. This is their first exhibition focusing solely on art that is produced on paper. The exhibition will bring a group of internationally acclaimed artists into dialogue with a selection of emerging talented artists. For this exhibition there is a selection of artists who are represented by Leyden Gallery, such as Hilary Ellis, Atsuko Nakamura, Lindsay Moran and James Melloy, along with a further group who have recently exhibited in Leyden Gallery’s significant and respected quarterly Platform for Emerging Arts shows, which have included emerging artists to watch such as Emilia Moisio, Lydia Brockless, Daniel Hosego and Dolores de Sade. Supporting new artists is a priority of Leyden Gallery; being able to give emerging artists a platform to initially show their work, give them the confidence to exhibit in a commercial space and to support them through the growth of their career with group and solo exhibitions. Alongside these emerging talents, the work of internationally renowned artists such as Nan Goldin, Paula Rego and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham will also be exhibited.


With a brilliantly diverse range of styles and expertise Works on Paper is set to explore both the medium & the approach to working with such a versatile material.



ab-small-3Irish art / poetry magazine Abridged includes an image from the series Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) in the Adridged 0 – 39: The Never Never issue.







Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) shortlisted for The Source-Cord Prize 2014.




Platform Private View Invitation



ECS open call 2014